Manzanillo & Colima

Fitosanitary diagnostics

The state of Colima has the phytosanitary status, area under phytosanitary control, however a field trip took place in the town of Venustiano Carranza, Municipality of Manzanillo, Colima to identify problems and opportunities for export mango to different destinations, particularly the United States. Orchads gardens visited have a registration with SAGARPA for export to the United States, and it is in the process of certification for Global GAP. The orchards have enough water as well, with irrigation systems that guarantee the hydration of the plant. The orchards have a phytosanitary control to control the Mexican fruit flies, of the genus Anastrepha. the control and monitoring of the Mexican fruit fly is carried out in coordination with the JLSV producer (Local Board of Plant Health), who is responsible for monitoring the traps placed in the orchards. A sampling was carried out to determine the degree of infestation of the orchard, dissecting a good number of fruits during the tour of the orchard, taking all suspect fruit with possible fruit fly damage. After the tour was completed, the presence of live fruit fly larvae was not found. During the field trip some diseases were detected, as is the sooty mold, due in part to the management given to the orchard, as the planting density is high and does not allow the entry of enough light; However, it was reviewed and I asked the producers about the problems presented by Anthracnose ( Colletotrichum gloesporoides ) to which it is argued, it controls well what could be seen visually, the fruit is clean. The agronomic management of the orchards is acceptable, however, there are points of improvement to achieve a better production and quality of the mango. As a result of a query in the list of orchards authorized for export to the United States by hydrothermal treatment, it was found that the largest number of hectares registered for export to the United States are of the Ataulfo variety with 822. 96 ha, mainly represented by the municipality of Manzanillo with 618.77 ha. In the present graph the municipalities with orchards registered for export are presented, as well as the amount of hectares certified by variety. (SAGARPA 2018)
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